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PA-2240 Power Amplifier article
PA-2240 Power Amplifier 240W 360W RMS output powe. Isolated transformer balanced outputs for 70/ 100V

Power Amplifier 
PA-2440VB (240W) 
PA-3640VB (360W) 

  • Available with 240W or 360W RMS output power.
  •  Stable parallel connection up to 3 units. 
  • Versatile AC/DC operation. 
  • Front-mounted replaceable protection fuses. 
  • Isolated transformer balanced outputs for 70/ 100V. 
  • Rack mountable (4-unit size).

Specifications :

Output Power PA-2440B: 240W RMS
PA-3640B: 360W RMS
Frequency Response 70 - 10,000Hz (+1 - -2dB),50Hz (-3dB),15,000Hz (-5dB)
Distortion Less than 2% THD at rated output
Power Requirements 110/220V AC, 50/60Hz, 26.4V DC
Power Consumption PA-2440B: 640VA at rated output
PA-3640B: 820VA at rated output
Input 0dBV (adjustable), phone jack, balanced
S/N Ratio 80dB
Output Impedance PA-2440B: 42 ohms (100V), 21 ohms (70V), 10 ohms (50V) , PA-3640B: 28 ohms (100V), 14 ohms (70V)
Dimensions (W × H × D) 483 × 177 × 315.5mm
Weight PA-2440B: 20.3kg
PA-3640B: 21.6kg
Color Black


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