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T-6624 Amplifier article
  ITC T-6624 240W. Amplifier with CD/MP3/Tuner/Timer

          The Three in One series BGM/Paging amplifiers combine 3 music sources with 5 zone amplifier together, which provides an economy solution for small PA applications where background music, zone paging and control is needed.The amplifier also featured of built-in a weekly timer to easily enjoy the scheduled music system and school ring bell system through a remote control. Ideal applications for super market, school, retail shop, bank, police station, villa, train and bus station, factory, theme salon, restaurant, hotel and hospital, etc.

Features :

  • Built-in CD player, MP3, AM/FM tuner and weekly timer
  • Rated power from 60W, 120W, 240W to 350W
  • 100V/70V line transformer-isolated speaker outputs and low impedance 4-16ohms speaker output
  • With digital IR remote control to program on built-in weekly timer and manually select source to broadcast
  • Built-in MP3 player of SD card slot to read MP3 files, with play, stop and pause buttons
  • Built-in FM/AM tuner with antenna, AM to FM switch, frequency selector and Auto/Manual operation switch, capacity of 50 channels storage
  • Built-in CD player, which supports, CD, MP3 formats, play, stop and repeat keys(No video only audio)
  • 5 zone 100V line speaker outputs
  • MIC 1 with VOX priority over other inputs
  • One extra aux input and aux output
  • 5 inch LCD English display for weekly timer and program broadcasting
  • MP3, Radio, CD, AUX, MIC separate volume control and bass treble tone control
  • Select, down and up button in front panel
  • Stand-by power function
  • Protection: high temp, overload & short-circuit

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