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Radiation Thermometers

Thermal Imaging Sensor TP-LThermal Imaging Sensor TP-Larticle

TP-L Thermal Imaging Sensor TP-L series is a compact infrared thermal imaging sensor utilizing a thermopile array detector. 

Scanning Type IR-ESFScanning Type IR-ESFarticle

IR-ESF Series Compact 300 to 2000°C Applicable to measure width-direction temperature patterns of moving objects. 

Scanning Type IR-ESCScanning Type IR-ESCarticle

IR-ESC Series Wide Application 100 to 600°C Scanning type for low temperature and is applicable to measure width-direction temp. patterns of moving or rotating objects. 

On-line type IR-SAOn-line type IR-SAarticle

IR-SA Series Wide Application 0 to 2500°C The IR-SA series is a non-contact and high-speed (3ms) compact radiation thermometer.Four models are available with modbus connectivity for parameter setup through remote setting unit or PC. 

On-line type IR-CAOn-line type IR-CAarticle

IR-CA Series Wide Application 300 to 3500°C The IR-CA series is a non-contact and high-speed (3ms) compact radiation thermometer. 

On-line type IR-BAOn-line type IR-BAarticle

IR-BA Series Compact 0 to 1300°C The IR-BA series is a non-contact and high-speed compact radiation thermometer. 

On-line Fiber optic type IR-FAOn-line Fiber optic type IR-FAarticle

IR-FA Series Fiber Probe Type 70 to 3000°C The IR-FA series is a fiber optic radiation thermometer featuring multi-function and high-speed response. 

Handheld type IR-TEHandheld type IR-TEarticle

IR-TE Series Hand-held Type -40 to 300°C IR-TE palm-sized infrared thermometer is designed to measure the surface temperature of objects without making contact with them. 

Handheld type IR-TAHandheld type IR-TAarticle

IR-TA Series Hand-held Type -40 to 500°C The IR-TA series hand-held type radiation thermometers measure temperature quickly from a distance - without contact. 

Handheld type IR-HHandheld type IR-Harticle

IR-H Series Fixed Focus Type 300 to 3000°C The IR-H series is a small and lightweight handheld Infrared thermometer with a clear viewfinder. 

Handheld type IR-AHHandheld type IR-AHarticle

IR-AH Series Hand-held Type -50 to 3000°C The IR-AH series is non-contact handheld type digital radiation thermometers for the measurement of temperature. 

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