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Temperature Traceability

Standard Thermocouples C800Standard Thermocouples C800article

C800 Series Standard Thermocouples The C800 series is standard thermocouples for calibration of thermocouples. 

Standard Resistance Thermometers R800Standard Resistance Thermometers R800article

R800 Series Standard Resistance Thermometers The R800 series standard platinum resistance thermometers conforming to the International Temperature Scale. 

Standard Radiation Thermometers IR-RSTStandard Radiation Thermometers IR-RSTarticle

IR-RST Series Standard Radiation Thermometers Single-color radiation thermometers that are used as the standard unit for comparison calibration. 

Low Temperature Comparative Calibration Equipment KTH-503Low Temperature Comparative Calibration Equipment KTH-503article

Calibration from -100 to 50°C by Stirling cooler and calibration from -30 to 155°C by Peltier device is available. Reduce the heating/cooling time. (KTH503: 23 to -100°C at about 40min, KT-H504: -30 to 155°C at about 20min.) Excellent temperature stabi 

High Temperature Blackbody Furnaces IR-R24High Temperature Blackbody Furnaces IR-R24article

IR-R24, 26, 27 Series High Temperature Blackbody Furnaces Large opening blackbody furnaces for calibration of radiation thermometers. 

Blackbody Furnaces IR-R0Blackbody Furnaces IR-R0article

IR-R0 Series Practical Use Type Blackbody Furnaces The IR-R0 series is practical use type blackbody furnaces that are used as the standard unit. 

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