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LifeSize Team 200 article

LifeSize TEAM


Feature Rich High Definition Video
LifeSize Team 200

   LifeSize Team is the step in workgroup video communications. In a single, easy-to- use system, you get the three major benefits that LifeSize delivers: Superior quality, Unique flexibility, Unmatched price/performance

LifeSize Team Key Features


Product Specifications-LifeSize Team

System Components

LifeSize codec with stand

HD PTZ LifeSize Camera 200 or LifeSize Camera 10x

LifeSize Phone or LifeSize MicPod

Wireless remote control

Power supply/cables



System Configurations

LifeSize codec, LifeSize Camera 200, Dual LifeSize


LifeSize codec, LifeSize Camera 10x, Dual LifeSize


LifeSize codec, LifeSize Camera 200, LifeSize Phone

LifeSize codec, LifeSize Camera 10x, LifeSize Phone



H.323, SIP, 128 Kbps6.0 Mbps (point-to-point)

128 Kbps2.0 Mbps (multipoint, per call)

1xRJ-45 Network LAN (10/100 Mbps)

1xRJ-45 for LifeSize Phone (PoE supported)

1xRJ-45 for LifeSize Networker (PoE supported)

1xRJ-11 for analog telephone line

1x3.5 mm Mic In for LifeSize MicPod


Support for Multiple HD Displays

Any HD display supporting HDMI or DVI-I input

For additional information on displays, visit:


HD 1080p30/720p60 PTZ Camera

Wide-angle zoom lens with 70 degree field of view

Up to 4x/10x optical zoom on LifeSize Camera


Auto focus/automatic gain control

10 camera presets (near or far end)

Standard 3.0 M HDMI cable


Video Specifications/Video Resolutions

Maximum resolutions widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio

All resolutions progressive scanning

All resolutions at 30 frames per second except 60

frames per second where noted

384 Kbps (912x512 pixels) DVD resolution

512 Kbps (1024x576 pixels)

768 Kbps(1280x720 pixels) high definition

1.1 Mbps or higher (1280x720 pixels @ p60) high


1.7 Mbps or higher (1920x1080 pixels) high definition


Video Standards

H.261, H.263, H.263+, H.264 and H.239 and BFCP

compliant with Polycom

Support for multiple dual live-streaming modes:

1080p30 and 720p5; 720p60 and 720p5; 720p30

and 720p30


Video Inputs (3 Inputs)

1 x HD Camera (720p30)

1 x HD Video In (1080p30/720p60)

1 x DVI-I In (HDMI/VGA enabled)


Video Outputs (2 Outputs)

1 x HD Video Out (1080p30/720p60)

1 x DVI-I Video Out (1080p30/720p60)

Fully Integrated, HD Audio Conference Phone

90 Hz up to 16 kHz

Powered by codec directly through cable

Touch-screen user interface

Manage both HD video and audio

Support for up to two LifeSize Digital MicPods

(additional purchase)


Audio Features

HD audio

GIPS NetEQ packet loss concealment

Full duplex for natural conversations

Echo cancellation for echo-free calls

Automatic gain control

Automatic noise reduction

LifeSize MicPod or dual MicPod support (optional)


Audio Standards

G.711, G.722, G.722.1 and G.722.1C licensed from

Polycom, G.728, G.729, MPEG-4-AAC-LC


HD Active Dual Microphones

Dual omni-directional microphones

LifeSize MicPod splitter

100 Hz up to 16 kHz

Mute button

Powered by codec directly through cable

Includes LifeSize MicPod extension cable (15 m/50 ft.)


Audio Inputs (7 Inputs)

1 x RJ-45 (LifeSize Phone)

2 x Stereo Line In (3.5 mm)

1 x Mic In - Two channel (3.5 mm)

1 x HD Video In

1 x DVI-In

1 x HD Camera In (Focus)


Audio Outputs (4 Outputs)

1 x RJ-45 (LifeSize Phone)

1 x Stereo Line Output (3.5 mm)

1 x HD Video Out

1 x DVI-Out


Other Supported Standards

H.221, H.224, H.225, H.231, H.241, H.242, H.245, H.281,

BONDING (ISO13871) via Networker, RFC 3261, RFC 3264,

RFC 2190, RFC 3407, RFC 2833


Embedded HD Multipoint Control Unit

Full HD CP MCU with up to 4 participants

Up to 4-way 720p60/720p30/1080p30 CP mode

Transcoding support

Virtual multiway allows participant viewing control

(patent pending)

H.239 multipoint support shared from any participant

Disable multipoint option

RS-232 serial pass-through support


Stream/Record with LifeSize Video Center

Record/stream outside of a call

Record/stream point-to-point or multipoint calls

Capture all call participants (near or far)

Auto-record all calls

Single button, ad-hoc recording

Recording indicator




Admin and user level password

SNMP security alerts

Ability to disable HTTP, SSH and Telnet services

H.235 encryption support including strict compliance

TLS/SRTP support

IEEE 802.1x support

Kensington Security Slot


Intelligent Network Features

Adaptive motion control (AMC) including forward error

correction (FEC)

NAT/firewall traversal (H.460/SIP)

IPv4 and IPv6 support

Auto bandwidth detection

ISDN support via LifeSize Networker


User Interface and Features

Context-sensitive user interface

Graphical user interface call manager

Multiple languages supported

Do Not Disturb mode


Directory and Address Book

Up to 1,000 local directory entries

Save, lock, remove, redial list features

Missed call notification

Auto-discovery directory lookup (patent pending)

LDAP support/H.350 compliant

Meetings directory support

H.323 URI dialing support (Annex O)


System Management

Out-of-box setup via web interface and management



Backup and restore capability

JPEG snapshots through web interface



AC voltage 100240V, 5060 Hz, 2.5A via external

power supply


Environmental Data

Operating temperature: 0C (32F) to 40C (104F)

Operating humidity: 15% to 85%, noncondensing

Storage temperature: 20C (4F) to 60C (140F)

Storage humidity: 10% to 90%, noncondensing


Codec Dimensions

Width: 373.9 mm (14.72)

Depth: 225 mm (8.86)

Height: 48.3 mm (1.9)

Weight: 2.17 Kg ( 4.78 lbs)

Regulatory Model Number

LifeSize Team 220 = LFZ-015










PDF File


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