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VSX5000 Series article
 VSX5000 Series
VSX5000 Series
  • Solution for small conference rooms.
  • Integrated electronic Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera 
  • Premium quality video  with smooth natural motion and sharp, clear images.
  • Voice clarity during simultaneous conversations
  • Easily share data with all conference participants

Applications for the VSX 5000
Small meeting rooms with 3-7 people
Satellite office, doctor’s office, small classroom ,branch to head office
smaller groups of students meet with a remote educational specialist
user requires premium quality video and audio performance and basic functionality


VSX 5000 Bundled Packages
VSX 5400 Presenter: VSX 5000 system,Visual Concert™ VSX, People+Content IP


Feature :                                                                                                     
  • Integrated main camera with electronic pan/tilt/zoom
  • H.264 video for optimal video at any data rate
  • Crystal clear sound with Siren 14™ audio
  • Voice clarity during simultaneous conversations with Polycom Stereo Surround
  • Excellent room coverage using the Polycom Microphone Array for true 360° coverage
  • Multiple ways to share and show data, including cable-free with People+Content IP
  • Choose either a TV or XGA display for single monitor configurations
  • IP data rates up to 768Kbps (H.323 and SIP)
  • ISDN connectivity: up to QBRI


Integrated Main Camera
Noiseless, ultra-fast action electronic pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ)
65° field of view
Electronic Tilt Range: +/- 24° (Up/Down)
Electronic Pan Range: +/- 42.5° (Left/Right)
85° Total Field of View
2x Zoom
Lens F#: 2.8mm
Focal length: 4.9mm
Fixed focus
Automatic white balance
Camera presets – local and far-end (up to 99)
Polycom Digital Tabletop Microphone
360° voice pick up
Three cardioid elements per microphone
Flotation feet reduce transmission of tabletop noise
Integrated mute button
Audio Features
Audio only add-in over ISDN
Full-duplex digital audio
Instant Adaptation Echo Cancellation
Automatic Gain Control (AGC) – Voice activated
Automatic Noise Suppression (ANS)
Real-time audio level meter


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VDO Conference Polycom-P2

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