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Hybrid Recorders BH Series article

Hybrid Recorders BH Series

Features Ready to run immediately As the recorders are preset to meet individual customer specifications and precise application requirements, the recorders start indicating and recording as soon as they are switched on. Displays for accuracy and simplicity Measured values can be read at a glance, directly from the scale plate whilst a digital display clearly indicates measured values, alarm settings and chart speed together with a range of other information. Compact and easy to install The BH recorders are designed for use in applications where space is at a premium. With a reduced depth of 195mm (dot-printing type and 1-pen type) and weighing 7.0kg (dot-printing type), the instruments are ideally suited for panel mounting installations. Detachable terminal board for easy wiring A detachable terminal board is provided to enable convenient on-site connection of the cable. Abundant options Abundant options including communications interfaces (RS-422A, RS-232C or RS-485), external drive and alarm outputs are available. CE(option) The models complying with CE are available.Dot Type(pdf) Penwriting Type(pdf)

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