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Scanning Unit SE3000 article

Scanning Unit SE3000

SE3000 series scanning units are designed for data logging with a personal computer. The basic unit with 6 input points can be connected to 7 sub units (6 input points / sub unit) and maximum 48 analog data can be collected. Two soft ware packages, "KIDS" for data logging and "PASS" for parameter programming, are available.
MODBUS protocol 
Three kinds of serial communications, RS-232C, RS-422A and RS-485, are standard. 
The communications protocol is MODBUS for easy system configurations and any specific communications software package is not required.
Data logging software package 
Data can be managed by the data logging software package “KIDS” (separatepurchase required) on a 
personal computer. The logged data can be utilized by worksheet applications.
Universal input 
10 dc voltage/current inputs, 36 thermocouple 
inputs and 11 resistance thermometer inputs are 
standard, and ranges can be set to each channel 

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