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Simple Ion Analyzer IA-300 article

Simple Ion Analyzer IA-300

The IA-300 Ion analyzer is designed to simultaneously measure either 6 cations or 7 anions quickly and easily in many types of samples. It incorporates a very simple operation for the routine lab where high accuracy and quick analysis time is required with minimal skill. Filtration and dilution of sample may be necessary prior to measurement depending upon concentration of ions. more(pdf)


Ion analyzer

Ion analyzer IA-300


  • 6 cations or 7 anions simultaneous measurement
  • Simple and easy-to-operate for any user - results are automatically analyzed and calculated internally
  • Results are displayed on the display panel and printed out by the printer unit
  • Suppressor method available for anion measurements

Measurement items

Anions: PO43-, F-, Cl-, NO2-, Br-, NO3-, SO42-
Cations: Li+, Na+, NH4+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+

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