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TOC 4200 For COD/BOD Online Monitoring System Click

On Line Type TOC -4200 Series



Support for a Wide Range of Samples

  • Select a sampling unit to match the sample characteristics.
  • Wide measurement range from 5 mgC/L full-scale to 20,000 mgC/L full-scale Dilution function incorporated as standard.
  • Supports up to 50x dilution.
  • High sensitivity measurements from 0 to 1 mgC/L (optional)
  • Diverse TOC measurements (NPOC, TC-IC*,NPOC+POC* measurement),
    TN measurement**Optional
  • Permits making a multi-point calibration curve from a single standard.

Diverse Applications

  • Wastewater treatment plant influent (upstream monitoring) and efluent
  • Plant water (washing water,cooling water,recovered water,etc.)
  • Boiler water,condensate
  • Water and sewage (raw water,treated water), advanced treated wastewater
  • Total pollutant load control regulation applications (organic polluion load
Advanced Operability
  • Color LCD touch screen
  • Supports data-Storage device. Easy to store measured values or measurement conditions to USB memory
  • Calendar scheduling setup
  • Compatible with digital bus standard
  • Web-based monitoring (Optional) It allows browsing of measured values with a Web browser by network.
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TOC 4200 for COD/BOD Online Monitoring System

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