Laboratory Products

Simple Ion Analyzer IA-300Simple Ion Analyzer IA-300article

IA-300 Ion analyzer is designed to simultaneously measure either 6 cations or 7 anions quickly and easily in many types of samples. 

Automatic Titrator AUT-701Automatic Titrator AUT-701article

AUT-701 Automatic Titrator Simultaneous Dual Titration capability Fully Expandable for all types of Applications with network capability 

Automatic Salt Analyzer SAT-500Automatic Salt Analyzer SAT-500article

SAT-500 Automatic Salt Analyzer is designed to measure the concentration of salt and chloride ions quickly and easily in all types of products and where low level chloride measurement is required. 

Automatic Buret ABT-511Automatic Buret ABT-511article

ABT-511 Automatic Buret is a micro-processor controlled unit which will perform automatic dispensing and dosing routines, manual titrations, and dilutions. 

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