Ubiquitous KR5000 Series article

Ubiquitous KR5000 Series

KR series is a network-compatible recorder. It can records a maximum of 128 channels of field measurement data. KR monitors the loaded data through web browser window of any personal computer which connected to an intranet of internet. Moreover, KR Transfers the loaded data by FTP or E-mail without any special software. KR is usefully for the far-flung remote monitor system.
-  Monitoring screen designed in the html form, So any personal computer can
    read-out the loaded data without special application software. 
-  Display by vertical/horizontal real time trend, digital data, bar graph, alarm condition       or group display of 8 screens in one. 
-  Automatically transfer (FTP client) the data file to a server. 
-  E-mail notification at the time of alarm generating and the abnormalities  apparatus. 
-  MODBUS instrument, field scanner, recorder and  controller are connectable.

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